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Target: MORE DEALicious 75% Toys Clearance Finds!

fisherprice toys

I couldn’t resist myself and made a trip to a nearby Target this afternoon to see if I could find any other learning toys for my 2 year old, and I’m very glad I did!
Once again, remember that you can still find toys clearanced at 75% off (even 4 days after the ‘original’ sales day)!
If you have more than one Target around you, keep looking because every store will have completely different things!

FisherPrice Little Jam Band @ $14.99 CLEARANCE $3.74
FisherPrice Peek-A-Boo Cuckoo Clock @ $16.99 CLEARANCE $4.24

Total Spent: $7.98

Total Retail Price: $31.98

See my other Target trip where I spent $67.83 on $223 dollars worth of toys!

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  1. I saw when you first mentioned this sale on FB and I went the next day. The shelves were 99.9% empty, but the 75% OFF signs were still there. It was kinda creepy looking, like the toy department had been ransacked!

    • Yea it is odd seeing the aisles bare like that! I hope you were able to get something- I’ve found more luck at stores without the 75% off signs but the toys are clearanced and not marked ALL the way down, but ring up that way.

  2. Emerson loves the Jam Band! I love it too…besides when it goes off in the middle of church in your diaper bag ;)

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