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Saving Money Without Coupons: 15 Fruits and Vegetables you Should NOT Buy Organic

Are you wasting your money on organic produce simply because you think it’s better for you? Or, are you not buying any organic produce because you feel it’s too expensive to buy?

The thought behind buying organic produce is to make sure you aren’t feeding your family an excess of pesticides. The problem, though, is that buying all of your fruits and veggies from the organic section will get pricey. Fortunately, there are certain produce items that you should NOT be wasting your money on to buy organic. These items are called the “Clean 15″ by the Environmental Working Group. There’s also twelve produce items you should definitely buy organic because of the amount of pesticide exposure they may bring to your dinner table. These are called the “Dirty Dozen”. (left column)

Notice any similarities on each list? The Clean 15 are items that you peel the outer layer off of before you eat. This is a great rule of thumb when shopping – simply ask yourself if you are eating the outer most layer!

Notable changes in the new guide included apples’ rank as the most contaminated produce, jumping three spots from last year to replace celery at the top of the “Dirty Dozen” list. According to USDA, pesticides showed up on 98 percent of the more than 700 apple samples tested.

:: Do you buy all of your produce from the organic section?
How do you save money on produce?

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