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Extreme Couponing Done Right Tip: How to Quickly Cut your Coupons

Over a year ago, I was introduced to the Slice cutter as a way to cut your coupons quickly. Little did I know that this little device would drastically reduce the amount of time I spent cutting coupons every week.

Whenever I get my coupon inserts, I lay the pages down one by one and just slice across to get my coupon! I would recommend putting a cutting board underneath your coupons. If you have small children (or hey, maybe you are just a little clumsy yourself ;)) I would highly recommend keeping this around because it’s safe to the touch.

It also has a magnet in it, so mine stays on my fridge at all times so that I don’t lose it. I’ve found that the Slice comes in handy in other ways too, like opening up that ridiculous thick plastic packaging on electronics. Since it’s a ceramic blade, it stays sharp and never rusts.

You can buy the Slice cutter at two different places:
1. Through their site.
You can buy the Slice directly through their site for $5.99.
2. On Amazon.
You can currently buy the Slice on Amazon for $5.15 and it qualifies for free Super Saver shipping if you order $25+ of merchandise.
Amazon prices change frequently, but it will always be somewhere around this price.

:: Do you use the Slice cutter or a device similar to it?

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  1. I have tried 2 different kinds – the iSlice (got it at OfficeMax) & another one through Pampered Chef, both were less than $4. They work great, except they cut through more than one sheet at a time, so you have to be careful. I ended up putting a piece of cardboard underneath so it wouldn’t cut through to the desk/table as well. Unfortunately I have since lost both and am back to scissors :P

  2. I use a ruler. I can usually cut through 3 sheets at a time. I line the edge of the ruler where I want to cut and press firmly on the ruler. With the opposite hand on the opposite side of the paper (coupons)I lift and tear. It’s super easy.

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