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Reminder | Savings Nation Coupon Workshops for Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

As I mentioned last month, Dealicious Finds will start traveling around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to bring you Savings Nation Coupon Workshops!

Yes, I want to teach you how to coupon. But I also want to teach you how to meal plan, how to save on healthy food choices, and how to make this truly work for YOU.

Here’s a preview of what our Coupon Workshops will offer:

  • Learn how to save at least 50% on your groceries.
  • Learn that it’s possible to be healthy and to save money.
  • Get valuable tools to help you plan out your meals every week.
  • Learn how to turn those grocery deals into family meals.
  • Connect with neighbors, make new friends and find savings buddies to help you in your mission to save.

You’ll be receiving a nice Grocery Savings Workbook (pictured above) and I may be a little bias, but this workshop is pretty awesome if you ask me. ;)

Where do I sign up?

As I’m sure you know, DFW is a huge amount of area to cover. I want to be sure I’m booking locations that are close to you guys, so please fill out this quick 5-question form so I know where to go! :)

Be Notified of our Next Coupon Workshop – Survey!

What if I want to host a class?

If you have access to a meeting space (i.e. church, community center, or any other space) feel free to contact me directly or fill out the survey form!



If you don’t live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, don’t worry! has teamed up with bloggers in other areas too.

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