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Pinecone Research Finally has More Spots Available!

Pinecone Research is the BEST survey panel to be on, which is why space is always limited. They have finally opened some more spots up for those of you who are looking to make some extra cash from home. They pay $3 per survey, which is great compared to most survey sites. Plus, you can easily get paid via Paypal or check. It’s a completely free program, so be sure to get yourself in while you can!


I always like to know your opinions on programs like this, so last time it was available, reader Tess said:

“I love to do the pinecone surveys -they are always so interesting and yepp 3.00 adds up quickly. I just did an online 1 hours focus meeting with some people at pinecone and earned 20.00.”
Reader Sandee said:


“This is the ONLY survey panel I’m on. I’ve looked @ all the others and Pinecone beats them all – No points to accumulate, no emails to read, no gift cards,no product scanning, it is straight, simple and forward. I get paid within 7 days after finishing each survey-and that’s by check via mail.

If you get a chance to participate, jump on it.”


Reader Terry said:


“LOVE Pinecone Research! I get paid via PayPal and usually the money is deposited within 2 days. They usually send me a survey about every 2 weeks or so, so it’s definitely not a money maker, but if you don’t touch the money for a while, it does add up. And often they will send you the product to test. I’ve gotten cookies, dishwashing tabs, pet food, tons of stuff.”


And reader Todd said:


“I have been using Pinecone for years. They used to send me checks, but last October they sent me a debit card that they load the payments on to. Pretty soon I will have enough to buy something really nice…it adds up!!!”

I’ve heard nothing but great things about the ease of cash flow through this program, and if you are currently a member, please leave your feedback in the comments!

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