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Where Can I Find Those Coupon Binder Pages?

Want to watch the Coupon Organization 101 video above? Click here.

I’ve been getting a TON of questions from beginner couponers lately, and one of them is where to find the pages to organize your coupons in a binder. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are having a hard time finding them in stores lately. They were kind of hard to find before Extreme Couponing on TLC came around, so I feel for you newbie couponers.

Luckily, Amazon carries them! You can get a 100-page pack of Trading card pages for only $16.50. You’ll receive FREE shipping if you spend over $25 with Super Saver Shipping OR simply sign up for Amazon Mom and you’ll get free shipping on all of your items for 3 months.
If you are starting out, you honestly may not need 100 pages, so consider splitting it 50/50 with a friend. :)

Amazon Mom is completely free and is not a trial, so you don’t have to remember to cancel it. It’s available for anyone who cares for a child, not just moms. It gives you free shipping on all Amazon items for 3 months, along with 15% off baby items.

Also, remember I have a Coupon Organization 101 video to show you different methods of organizing your coupons. If you would like to see the binder method, start the video at 2:43. I also show you what my Sunday organization routine is towards the end of the video.

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  1. Therese via Facebook says:

    I find them at Target, Wal-mart & Meijer with the baseball cards :)

  2. Yomaira says:

    Try the 99 cent stores. That’s where I got mine. Nine per pack.

  3. I actually found that a plain photo album is great, one that has the cling sheets to them, they keep your coupons neat and orderly in each slot and you don’t have to buy extra pages, and photo albums come in all different sizes.

    • Jasmine says:

      Annie- I’ve heard of a few people doing that. It’s definitely a great option. As I always say, do what works for you!! :D

  4. I always suggest finding them at Target, but I know it’s been out of stock for many people since there’s a lot of new couponers :)


  6. I love your website and love this video wonderful job.

  7. I could only find them at Office Depot but they are pricey. They do not order enough though. But they did have a nice notebook for coupons. I wish I would of thought of Amazon. Now I know.

  8. Becky Nabe says:

    The best coupon pages I’ve found have 4 pockets and also have a smaller pocket for labeling.

    I think the 9 pocket pages have pockets that are too small. They’re a pain to get coupons in and out of. The 4 pocket pages are much more convenient.

    The sports-card-supply Ebay store is the best deal I’ve found. Really fast shipping too.


  9. I just started using a large zippered binder style CD/DVD case. Found it in the electronics isle by the computer stuff at walmart. Has the 4 pocket double sided page inserts with flaps. Works great!

  10. Coupons do not fit in tradeing card sleeves

  11. carolelosby says:

    coupons do not fit in tradeing card pages

    • You will need to fold the coupons to fit. I find they are the most practical way if you are using the binder method. If you buy bigger slots, you are going to have to buy a lot more pages and your binder will be way too thick.

  12. Carole,

    You are so right that not all coupons fit in the 9 pocket baseball card pages very well. I found a great place on Ebay called Piglet and Molly’s Place (Ebay username: pigletandmolly). All their pages fit my standard three ring binder just like the 9 pocket pages but they have a variety of different pocket styles like 3 pockets per page, 4, 6, 8 pockets per page etc. The pages hold the huge variety of coupon sizes so much better than the 9 pocket card style alone, and are absolutely what I needed to get my binder under control! The quality of the pages are 1000 times better than I’ve found at Target and other retail outlets so I don’t have to keep replacing them. Their customer service is as good as I’ve ever experienced anywhere online.

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