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DIY Christmas Gift Idea: Reindeer Root Beer Bottles

I love Do-It-Yourself projects…when I actually complete them. ;) Feeling accomplished by your hard work is totally worth it, and let’s not forget how many DIY projects are inexpensive to make. So, I figured this year I could show you a collection of 15 oh-so-adorable (yet easy!) Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decoration and Gift projects over the next 15 days.

#15: Reindeer Root Beer (or Beer) Bottles
This simple idea can be use in a variety of ways. Pick up some IBC Root Beer bottles to make the Reindeer for kids. If you are looking for a guy gift, pick up of 6-pack of his favorite beer instead! These would also be great if you are hosting a holiday party (or going to one). Check out the instructions for Reindeer Root Beer.


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  1. Very cute

  2. love it!!! I wish this had come yesterday, I got my husband a case of wine for Christmas and this would have been really cute on them.

  3. Ooh Kelly, that would be cute on wine too!

  4. These are SO CUTE! Since I didn’t see these until after Christmas, I have all year to dream about making them next Christmas. They would make really cute hostess gifts and neighbor gifts! Thanks for the idea.

  5. I have an annual Christmas party and all the women exchange gifts, and I get all the men a six pack of beer. The last two years I’ve decorated the bottles like reindeer, but am looking to change it up this year. Any other really cute way to decorate the bottles that you can think of would be really helpful. Pinterest didn’t even have any other way to do it. :(

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