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DIY Christmas Decoration: Whimsical Wire Christmas Trees

I love Do-It-Yourself projects…when I actually complete them. ;) Feeling accomplished by your hard work is totally worth it, and let’s not forget how many DIY projects are inexpensive to make. So, I figured this year I could show you a collection of 15 oh-so-adorable (yet easy!) Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decoration and Gift projects over the next 15 days.

#4: Whimsical Wire Christmas Trees
I love this look from My Home My Style, and you only need 2 materials! Use copper or steel wire and wrap in around a foam cone to get whimsical Christmas trees. Add in some holly or pinecones to set the scene.


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    thank you so much for the ideas i’m not to much much of a creative person :[ but i think i will try to do these beautiful ideas you are being so kind to share and the best part they are not expensive to do :] so thank you once again ;] happy holidays

  2. Where do you get the copper wire, craft store also?

  3. Its hard to find knowledgeable individuals within this topic, nevertheless, you sound like theres more you are preaching about! Thanks

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