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Be My “Crafty” Valentine | Conversational Hearts Wall Decoration

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I love Do-It-Yourself projects…when I actually complete them. ;) Feeling accomplished by your hard work is totally worth it, and let’s not forget how many DIY projects are inexpensive to make. So, I figured this year I could show you a collection of 14 oh-so-adorable (yet easy!) Do-It-Yourself Valentine craft ideas over the next 14 days.

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#5: Conversational Hearts Wall Decoration

This just seems too easy to be this cute. Make a personalized wall decoration for Valentine’s Day with some ribbon, paint, and wood hearts from the craft store. Head over to The Peanut Paint Shop to get instructions on how to make this, as well as additional pictures. You could also swap the names for some of your favorite conversational heart sayings!

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